Smok Novo Pro – EVERYTHING YOU Must Know RELATING TO THIS Product Before Buying It

The very first vaporizer from Smoktech, the Smok Novo is an awesome new e-liquid vaporizer. With a stylish stainless steel body it’s easy to see why this is one of many hottest selling vaporizers on the market today. The Smok Novo is really a new e-liquid vaporizer that comes in two variants, the Smok Novo Pro and Smok Novo Mini. The Smok Novo Pro is a bigger version of these popular Smok Smoke vaporizer that’s available in both standard size and the Smok Smoke Vaporizer Deluxe. The Smok Novo mini is also a great alternative to the standard size for those who prefer a smaller, more compact version. It is a powerful little vaporizer that produces incredible flavors that are sure to please probably the most discriminating palate.

The SMOK NOVO ultra portable Pod System is launching with a lovely cobra plate for a stunningly unique Vaporizer, premiering with a 650 mah battery capacity and a comfortably adjustable wattage control. The Smok Novo Pod System features a high wattage range of 13 to 16W, activated with a single draw inhale for an effortless and impressive vapor experience. The Smok Novo mini is ideal for any occasion because it’s small enough to pack in and take anywhere, and since it has such a high wattage it could be used as an all day vaporizer without the need to employ a lot of power.

The Smok Novo Pro features a very attractive and futuristic look that basically adds to its appeal. It includes a very large mouthpiece which can house the Smok Novo in a very effective and efficient manner and allows the user to really get an unbelievable amount of air into the system. The Smok Novo Pro is powered by two separate rechargeable batteries and in addition features the popular “Autodraw Device” technology from vortex tube which allows for an exceptional auto-fill for your pods. The Smok Novo Pro is an extremely handy little vaporizer and also has the option of an auto shut off feature meaning that the device will not continue if you do not want to buy to.

In addition to the great looks of the Smok Novo, is its innovative and unique two-handle, two cups, variable wattage control, easy clean design. This makes cleaning a piece of cake. And it is built to last, with a durable stainless steel base and a durable glass tank. This Pod System also offers an interchangeable heating chamber that may hold various types of herbs including Lemon Zinger, Moroccan Mint, and more. The reusable chambers make cleaning simple, as you can just pop them out and reuse.

Smok Novo Pro also includes two interchangeable heating trays, a mouthpiece, and three different sized preloaded pods: a small, medium, and large. There are also three different colored packets from which to choose. The Smok Novo kit has an included charger and a universal voltage adapter. This kit is a superb choice for an initial time user who is thinking about trying e-liquid, or Element Vape Discount Code who would like to upgrade their existing kit but continues to be with limited funds.

The three different sized preloaded pods are designed so that they can accommodate a variety of herb varieties. The e-liquid capacity varies in line with the size of the pod, meaning that you can get a higher amount of vapor for the same amount of cash. Smok Novo works with with most starter kits including the popular Rekindle cartridge, therefore you may use any nicotine liquid and never have to be worried about running out of juice.

Smok Novo Pro utilizes a rechargeable nickel cadmium battery and this can be recharged several times prior to the device should be recharged again. The complete device is incredibly durable, and Smok recommends using it for ten hours at the same time. With this kind of usage, you will definitely visit a lot of repeat use from your Pax or other vapor pen style devices. Smok Novo operates as simply as any kind of electronic pen, and you simply put the cap set up to charge the battery. Once the time comes to turn it on and make use of its features, all you have to accomplish is place your finger over the button and you are prepared to start puffing away.

The nicest part concerning this product is the ease of use. It truly is a must have if you’re a Smok fan like myself. way to add some quality herbal flavor to your favorite beverages without having to mix them yourself, then the Smok Novo Pro Pod is a must have! I highly recommend that if you do not use this autodraw device regularly, you order a few more as they seriously sale often enough that you will definitely want to stock up in it.